Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Card Sorting and Other Things

The website team met today. We finished renaming links and now will actively start the card sorting process. We're going to go with an online solution and are currently deciding between WebSort and OptimalSort

Meanwhile, I am going to immerse myself in Drupal by installing it on a remotely hosted site and working with it, reading tons of documentation and books, and becoming an active member of the Drupal Community.

Once the card sorting exercises have been finished and I'm pretty confident with Drupal, I will take the results and alter my site map accordingly. Then I will populate a Drupal prototype with the site map and barely populated pages. The public will have access to the prototype and will probably even be able to comment on it.

Then its on to the next phase, Design, Content Population, and Usability Studies...

Monday, July 28, 2008

DrupalCamp Colorado!

I just found out last week through a friend about DrupalCamp Colorado. I signed up just in time and spent this past weekend in Denver learning about Drupal. It was a great experience. Because I'm new to Drupal I felt a bit overwhelmed at times, but mostly I'm excited about what Drupal can do for ppld.org.

I took tons of notes during the sessions and posted them on Google Docs, for anyone who's interested:

Caveat: I'm a Drupal newbie. I tried to get everything right in the notes, but I probably missed a thing or two. Feel free to comment if you notice any mistakes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Renaming Links

I'm working with the Website Team to rename links on ppld.org to more user-friendly terms.

After we've come to an agreement on the link names, we'll conduct a small patron card-sorting exercise. After we have analyzed those results, we'll compile the basic organizational structure for the website.

It's slow going, but it is going...