Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sirsi Voodoo?

OK, this isn't about the redesign, but the weirdest thing happened. On Friday afternoon at the request of a coworker, I embedded our MeeboMe widget into the Catalog page that returns 0 results. It worked great and I was all "yay me". Today I hear on Twitter that my coworker can't find the widget on that page. I take a look and lo and behold it is gone!

Current theories:

  1. Sirsi voodoo has made the widget mysteriously disappear (well our Catalog vendor is the Devil)

  2. The widget is only visible inhouse (not likely as my coworker was Twittering from inhouse)

  3. I was so busy on Friday that somehow I wrote over the file with the original in my haste to finish all the other crap I was working on (I hate it when that happens)

Guess I'd better bring my Catalog voodoo doll with me to work on Monday, just in case.

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