Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Views Carousel Fun

I ran all these Drupal updates a few days ago and as a result my book carousel started displaying incorrectly. Apparently our custom theme needs to be manually added into the viewscarousel.module script in the actual Views Carousel directory. This means each time we upgrade Views Carousel, that script gets written over and we have to add it again.

Here's the documentation for future reference:

Creating Your Own Views Carousel Skin

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Laurie said...

Hi Virginia,
The DPL web team tried the hack that is linked to here. We found that using firebug and copying the css into your style sheet works great as does copying the tango.css file, renaming it and linking to "custom" in the "views carousel" view works good too. It's straightforward and you can update the carousel module in the future without a problem.
Good luck! Laurie @ DPL