Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Create a WebForm

I can't believe I never documented how to create a WebForm in Drupal. Well, here goes. I'll use the Art Exhibits Contact form as an example:

  1. Open an existing form for an example.

  2. Create content, Webform.

  3. Using the existing form as an example, fill out the Webform information. Be sure to disable comments.

  4. Using the existing form's components for an example, add the necessary components for your form. Be sure to check the component details (click edit on example form's component).

  5. Style as needed.

  6. Go to User management/Captcha.

  7. Add your webform to the list of forms, using the your node id and following the existing examples.

  8. Double check the webform mail settings in your form.

  9. Add the appropriate menus to the form.

I think that's it...

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