Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adjusti-Search Issues

12:30-ish p.m. Adjusti-Search module starts calling up a random page when a search is executed. The result is an error page. This happens intermittently and I have not been able to isolate the cause yet.

Steps taken and outcome:
1. Run cron - no change
2. Empty cache - page called changes but is still incorrect
3. Disable Adjusti-Search module - no change?
4. Empty cache and/or run cron - website stops calling style sheet
5. Renable Adjusti-Search module and run cron - no change
6. Empty cache - style sheet works but Adjusti-Search still malfunctions.

The chump is stumped.

1:30 p.m. - It's working again. I think it just randomly grabbed the correct URL from the table. It think the Adjusti-Search table may have some corrupt records in it.

Plan: Backup the database and run Update.php when Sharon comes back. Also check the table for corrupt records when Sharon comes back. May consider uninstalling and reinstalling module.

10-20-2010 3:30 p.m.: Ran Update.php, no change.

10-28-2010 1:40 p.m.: Disabled block until yesterday. Still experiencing the same problem.

11/1/2010 3 p.m.: Disabled CSS and Javascript optimizing in "Performance". Adjusti-Search would call temporary css and js files, so I disabled the optimization feature to see if it helps. So far Adjusti-Search is working again. Fingers are crossed.

11/2/2010: It's malfunctioning again.

11/3/2010 10 a.m.: Uninstalled and Reinstalled module on a test server and it worked for awhile. However, around 1 p.m. it started malfunctioning again. Contacted Connor.

11/3/2010 2:30 p.m.: Enabled PPLD Search module (Adjusti-Search prototype) and got the same error. Enabled default Drupal search and it works fine.

11/3/2010 3:30 p.m.: Connor replied with the following suggestion:
  1. Open the adjustisearch.module file for editing wherever you have it installed on the server.

  2. In the code, find the line that says "function
    adjustisearch_block_form($form_state) {" (this line should be around line 137 or so).

  3. Add the following line of code right after the line "$form = array();":
    $form['#action'] = url('');

  4. Save the file. Clear your Drupal cache. Then try Adjusti-Search again.

11/10/2010 2 p.m.: Adjusti-Search has been working for the past week. Yay Connor!!

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