Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kiosk - The Resurrection

The thing about Drupal is there's always more than one way to accomplish your goals, and usually the most elegant solution is not the one you originally implement. As I mentioned before, I put my documentation on the Libraries Drupal Group. Luckily I got some responses from some real Drupal experts advising me on how to create one View for all my categories. While I had to re-do my work, I'm glad to have this information for future use on the redesign. So, documenting madwoman that I am, I've revised the documentation for this process:

1. Create the categories and subcategories in Taxonomy
2. Create a Content Type in CCK and attach the Taxonomy to it. Use the Link module to add a link field to the Content Type.
3. Populate the Content Type with web links.
4. Create a View, Field = Content:URL; Filter = Published True; Sort criteria: Content:link title:URL asc; Argument: Taxonomy:Term ID (Title=%1; Validator=Taxonomy Term; Vocabulary=Tourist Information).
5. Create a Page Display in the View. Path is "tourist_information/%"
6. You can preview the View using the Taxonomy ID (TID) for each term in the specified Vocabulary.
7. Create a second View for the subcategories. Criteria is the same, except no Argument. Instead, create a separate Block display for each subcategory and add a Filter = Taxonomy Term for each specific subcategory.
8. Create a Menu called Tourist Information. Populate it with the View paths.
7. Create a main page called Tourist Information.
8. Assign the Tourist Information menu to the content region of the Tourist Information main page in Blocks.
9. Assign the subcategory blocks created in Views to the content region of their corresponding View paths in Blocks.
10. If you want the Tourist Information menu to show up as Navigation element anywhere, use the Multiblock module to create a separate instance of the Tourist Information block. Then assign that instance to your chosen region in Blocks.
11. Now if you navigate to the Tourist Information main page you should see a list of the categories and subcategories (Tourist Information menu in the content region). If you click on any link, you should go to a page created with the corresponding View path.

Clear as mud?

The Kiosk project is finished. Let this be my last post on it!

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