Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RSS Feeds

Well, I hit a temporary wall with Subject Guides. Mainly, I couldn't figure out how to use Arguments (nid variables) in a block view. However, I've recently conceived of another way to handle the Subject Guides by creating a View that grabs multiple Content Types and displays them by a shared taxonomy term. I think that might work. We meet with Growing Venture Solutions on Thursday, so I'll run it by them for input.

I've also started adding the Classes to the new website. These consist of RSS Feeds from Evanced, which is our Calendar software. It's not perfect, because ideal RSS Feed URLs are sometimes too long for the URL field in the Drupal Aggregator module, but I think it will work mostly well. All I have left to do in Classes is add a "view calendar" link on each feed, with a calendar image you can click on to go directly to Evanced.

Like I said, we meet with Growing Venture Solutions on Thursday and we have some questions they will hopefully be able to help us with. Also, the Usability Hot Team is meeting on Thursday morning to plan our first patron usability test this Monday afternoon.

After all that, I plan to flesh out my Subject Guides idea and crank out the Programs/Events feeds. I'm pedaling as fast as I can!

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