Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creating Branch Pages

I've spent the last week or so creating our Branch pages for http://new.ppld.org/. Here's what I did, for future reference:

PART 1: Create the page

  1. Create new Branch (content type). Open an existing Branch page for reference.

  2. Track down a Branch image from Flickr or elsewhere and edit it for the page. Upload the image into the content type.

  3. Add general information.

  4. Go to Google Maps and create a map for the Branch. Create a custom embed at 290x300 and paste into Map field in content type. Input format is Full HTML.

  5. Go to Flickr and create a Set with branch images (if they exist).

  6. Go to Flickr Slideshow and create a slideshow for the set at 250x300. Embed the slideshow into the Slideshow field in the content type. Input format is Full HTML.

  7. Look up Zip Codes for the Branch in Associate Director's report and add them to the Zip Code field in the content type.

  8. Publish and save the page.

  9. Add page to About the Library Block.

  10. Add links to page on Library Branches and in pull-down menu.

Part 2: Create the tabbed menu

  1. Open menu option in Drupal. Open an existing Branch menu for reference

  2. Create the menu and add items. You will need to make feeds for Programs: Adults, Programs: Kids, and Classes. Add these links to the corresponding menu blocks.

  3. Add tabbed menu links to the tabbed menu block.

Test in multiple browsers and resolutions.

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