Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seriously, What the Hell?

I've been working on the branch pages lately. I made these tabbed menus for each branch page that link to related branch information. However, in IE 7, the tabbed menus in the corresponding "Programs-Adults" page don't display, for ANY branch. Every other tab works.

What the hell...

I'm seriously stumped here.

09/10/09 UPDATE:
After storming out of the office yesterday leaving a trail of obscenities, I finally managed to figure out the problem this morning. The tab label "Programs - Adults" was too long for the tab and as a result broke the entire menu when it was in the active state in IE 7. Weird that it only happened in the active state. I looked at the tabbed menu CSS but couldn't figure out how to make the active state expand more and since the tabbed menus are so finicky I decided to rename the tab to "Programs: Adults" instead of taking the time and effort to fix the CSS. Lame, I know, but there's only 1.5 of me and I need to move on.

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