Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Do I?

I just finished the "How Do I?" pull-down list on the home page of the new website. I started off thinking I would use an exposed filter in a View and somehow link to taxonomy terms or a specific content type. As I went through this relatively complicated process, I started to realize this at best was making the process way too difficult, and at worst wouldn't do exactly what I wanted.

In the end, I used Douglas County Libraries and Jackson District Library as examples. They both used a form with a pull-down list and an 'onChange' JavaScript command. Since I'm just linking to pages, I'm not even going to use taxonomy or a content type for the information. I'm just going to link directly to the pages.

The neat thing I learned while screwing around with exposed filters in Views, is that you can change "Exposed form in block" to "Yes" in Basic Settings and the exposed filter will show up as a block (NOTE: the exposed filter doesn't show up in the View anymore). This may come in handy for the Branch Locator.

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