Monday, February 23, 2009

Research Hot Team - Also My Heroes!

On Friday, I met with our "Research" Hot Team, which is helping me compile resources for the Research section of our new website. In particular, we focused on the new Subject Guides we're implementing.

We have 27 categories right now, and each include the following resources (if applicable):

  • Databases

  • Recommended Websites

  • Faceted Catalog Searches

  • Programs/Events

  • Classes/Courses

  • Agencies

  • "Did You Know?"

  • Additional Resources (blogs, links to PPLD resources, etc)

The Research Hot Team agreed to help me compile faceted Catalog searches for each category. AND once the subject guides are created, Adult Services staff will be assigned to categories to maintain them.

I'm very excited about this new resource. I think the new website will really benefit from subject guides. Thank goodness for the Research Hot Team!

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