Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Usability Testing

Yesterday we conducted a usability test "dress rehearsal", using Website Team members as the guinea pigs. The experience was very educational:

  • Mike both the moderator and the subject

  • Keep a laptop in the observation room to make emergency changes

  • Shorter is sweeter

  • If the content you are asking the subject to find doesn't exist yet, stop them and move on when they get to the empty location

  • Provide food

  • Send thank you cards

Our first "official" usability test with staff will be on Monday, February 9.

Also, we plan to set up a trial for WebTrends analytic software on Monday.

Tomorrow I am working on the Catalog upgrade.

I'm actually a bit frustrated right now, because I don't seem to have any time to actually enter content on the new website. I need to get as much content in as possible before the Find a Good Book Hot Team and Research Hot Team meetings on February 18 and 20.

On the bright side, I met with the Denver Public Library web developers for lunch yesterday. It was great to get to know them and talk about our projects. They are redesigning using Drupal as well. I can't wait to see their finished product!

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