Thursday, January 29, 2009


I swear, it seems all I've doing lately is going to meetings, co-ordinating meetings, taking minutes about meetings, and corresponding with meeting attendees.

I've managed investigate a few modules on the side, but as far as actually website content entry and development, no luck. It's actually getting kind of frustrating.

On the bright side the following is in the works:

  1. The Usability Hot Team is conducting a usability test dress rehearsal on Feb 3 to make sure our testing goes smoothly for staff and patrons.

  2. Prototypes for the Research/Subject Guides and Find a Good Books sections of the new website have been approved by their corresponding Hot Teams.

  3. The Research Hot Team and Find a Good Book Hot Team are going to take on the daunting task of organizing and presenting all corresponding resources for those sections. It'll then be my job to construct a method of populating and displaying said resources on the new website.

  4. The Analytics Hot Team is going to test drive WebTrends and investigate Google Analytics.

Whew, quite a lot going on at once, I'll say...

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