Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pathauto and Custom Breadcrumbs

Today I configured Pathauto URL aliases. In automatic alias settings, I was able to define the URL alias by content type. Instructions on how to do this are in the readme.txt of the module, but I also found good instructions (albeit for an older version) here.

I also installed and fiddled with Custom Breadcrumb module. There is some good documentation here. However, I couldn't get the [menu-raw] and [title-raw] to display the correct URL aliases. For example, if I had a Breadcrumb called Home > Find a Good Book > Book Clubs, it was displayed perfectly in the breadcrumb, but when you click on the breadcrumb, instead of going to find-good-book or find-good-book/book-clubs (the correct URL alias), the URL would continue to point to Find a Good Book or Find a Good Book/Book Clubs as the path, which of course returns a 404 error.

I spoofed the correct URL alias, I just suspect that the "raw" indicator isn't functioning properly in Custom Breadcrumbs. So I disabled the module and will check out Taxonomy Breadcrumb instead and/or talk to Greg if necessary.

Finally, I installed and enabled the Synonym module, which kicks butt. All you do is include synonyms in your taxonomy and they are indexed for the Search box. Sweet.

Tomorrow I have other modules to investigate, then I need to start populating the simple pages.


Alvin said...

Hey I'm having the same issue. Did you ever come across any solutions to this?

vfranklyn said...

Hi there,

Nope. I never found an answer. I just decided not to use breadcrumbs on the website. However, if I revisit this problem and get a good resolution, I'll let you know.