Thursday, January 29, 2009

Training with Growing Venture Solutions

I attended the Introduction to Drupal 6 training offered by Growing Venture Solutions and learned some useful things:

  • Global Redirect and Path Redirect modules help you link to nodes in the body of a node

  • Synonyms module indexes synomyms in Taxonomy

  • Porter-Stemmer module breaks a search term down to its basic root

  • You can create automated URL aliases using Pathauto

  • Markdown filter may make a good UI for our staff

  • Devel module's Theme developer is a very useful tool for theming

  • It's not hard to add a new region within a theme

  • Module development, while complicated in practice, is not that complicated in theory

  • Don't use PHP Filter, in fact, delete it from the core modules directory

  • Watch your input formats and file permissions

  • Eclipse, FireBug, and YSlow, are good programs for development and performance monitoring

Most importantly, PPLD has decided to hire Growing Venture Solutions on a consultant basis during the redesign. We're thrilled to get help from Greg and his team!

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